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What will my programme of study look like?


What are the option blocks that I can choose from for my Year 12 subjects?

To join Mendip Studio School you must select at least 2 of the Mendip Specialist Subjects and one other subject. This can either be a third specialist subject or one of the subjects offered by Writhlington School.

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Mendip Specialist Subjects

Writhlington Subjects

Applied Subjects:

In addition to classical subjects we also offer an extensive extracurricular and Life Skills programme, aimed at nurturing your social, physical and mental well-being

In exceptional circumstances we may admit a student without Level 4 in Maths or English, in which case there is a requirement to resit.

Below you will find our combined ‘Options’ table, this will help you choose which subjects fit together. Those highlighted in blue are the Mendip Specific subjects, make sure you pick two of these before selecting your third subject.

University and Higher Apprenticeship routes for people aged 18 or over ask for only three A Level equivalents.  In our  experience students are much more successful when they focus on three courses – quality, not quantity.

 PathwayAssessmentCan lead to...
Facilitating Subjects
(Very Academic)
100% Exam (Y2)Top Universities
Broad and Traditional 75-100% Exam (Y2)Universities
Applied and Practical Learning 25-50% Exam (Y2)Universities and Apprenticeships


What is Private Study?

This is the real crux: as a Sixth Form student, you have the opportunity to work independently when you do not have other commitments, during the school day.  Use these wisely: you have full access to the R&D Hub, classrooms throughout Mendip and also the use of the Writhlington Sixth Form centre.

What is R&D Sessions?

Research & Development sessions take place every Thursday between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.  There is a range of activities that take place in R&D that involve our link industry partners, including Dyson, Advetec, Universities of Kent, Cambridge, Bath and Bristol, as well as Kew Gardens Royal Botanical and Eden Project.  Current activities also include VEX robotics, boat-building, computing, further maths and CREST Award Science.

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