What are the Essential Elements of a Studio School?

At the heart of the Studio Schools model are key features which have been developed through extensive research and consultation with employers, education experts and young people. These essential elements will be used as a framework by The Mendip Studio School and will be tailored to meet the needs of students, the local community and both local and national employers

Academic Excellence

The Mendip Studio School will teach the National Curriculum and will offer key academic and applied learning qualifications, including core GCSEs in English, Maths, Engineering, Design Technology and a range of Science qualifications. On leaving our school, students will have the qualifications, skills and confidence to progress to the chosen route into higher education, apprenticeships and employment. They will be entering the jobs market at an advantage to their peers.

Personalized Curriculum

At The Mendip Studio School all students will be assigned a ‘personal coach’ (tutor) who will meet with them regularly to develop students' confidence, employability skills and as a trusted adult. This will allow students to get the most out of their individual curriculum, focused just on their own needs and aspirations whilst tracking their progress towards their qualifications and ideal future career. Personalization of the curriculum will be further supported through a small school environment in which every young person will be able to access the tailored support needed.

Practical Learning

Enquiry-based learning (EBL) lies at the heart of the Studio Schools’ curriculum model. Students will be engaged in key Enterprise Projects in school and also in local and national business settings. To root students’ learning in the real world most projects will involve links with industry and real life scenarios. So, whether it is a health report for the local hospital, the completion of an IT or a business brief for a local employer, students’ learning will be authentic and will actively involve them in local community life.

Employability and Enterprise Skills

Key employability and life skills will underpin the activities through the unique CREATE skills framework. CREATE is comprised of a wide range of skills and stands for Communication, Relating to people, Enterprise, Applied skills, Thinking skills and Emotional intelligence. CREATE is grounded in a wide range of transferable skills and has been developed specifically for Studio Schools in order to equip young people with the key skills that they need to flourish.

Real Work

All students at Mendip Studio School will participate in work experience. The timing of this will vary depending on the age of the student and the requirements of the project work and our industry partners. There is considerable evidence that this direct, ‘hands on’ experience better prepares young people for life and work.

Small Schools

The Mendip Studio School will have 300 students and will offer a supportive, personalized learning environment in which strong pastoral care runs throughout the school’s activities. This helps to ensure that no young person gets lost within the institution and that young people are able to build strong relationships with their peers and coaches. Crucially, coaches know students well, making them better able to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and aspirations. However; Mendip Studio School will also benefit from the facilities of The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership (MNSP), including the use of Writhlington Sports Centre and the Orchid Project. All of The Mendip Studio School students will be able to be involved in high quality sporting and music activities through participation in MNSP’s very successful sports teams, music concerts and shared extensive extra-curricula provision.

Students of All Abilities

The Mendip Studio School is fully inclusive and complies with the national School Admissions Code.