Governor Information – Attendance, Business Interests and Governance

Governor Name Role Appointed Term of office
Dennis Lewis Chair by Board 07/12/2015 – 06/12/2019
Tim Cooper Vice Chair by Board 13/11/2018-12/11/2022
Steve Bamford by Board 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2020
Paul Bergin Parent Governor Elected 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2020
Chris Dando by Board 31/01/2008 – 19/09/2020
Mark Everett Ex Officio 01/09/2011
Georgina Colbourne Parent Governor Elected 19/06/2018 – 18/06/2022
Susan Gear Staff Governor Elected 19/06/2018 – 18/06/2020
Josephine McCameron Co-opted 13/11/2018-12/11/2022
Nadia Craddock by Board 21/12/2018-20/12/2022
Emma King by Board 09/01/2019-08/01/2023

Minutes Writhlington & Mendip LGB – 5 February 2019

Minutes Writhlington & Mendip LGB – 9 October 2018

Dragonfly Education Trust Articles of Association 

Deed of variation for Writhlington Academy Trust

LGB Scheme of Delegation for Writhlington School & Mendip Studio School

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All correspondence for the Governing Body should be sent to:

Clerk to the Governors –

All correspondence should be sent to:

The Mendip Studio School, Knobsbury Lane, Radstock, BA3 3NQ

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  • End of term arrangements

    Monday 22 July: school day ends 1.20pm, buses will run as normal at this time. Lunch will be available at school from 12.30pm until 1.10pm. Final registration takes place at 1.10pm before students leave.

    Monday will be a mufti day. Students are asked to bring in £1 which will go to one of the school’s selected charities.

    START OF SCHOOL – Year 12 starts on Wednesday 4 September / Years 10 and 11 start on Thursday 5 September / Year 13 start on Monday 9 September.