Conservation and Education

The Orchid Project recently attended the IOCC conference at Kew.

The event provided our students with an opportunity to learn from leading scientists about their worldwide conservation work. They also had the opportunity to spend time with our Malaysian Partner Scientist, Tengku.

It is fantastic to see the big impact our students made, from the inspiring talk by Chloe and Jess about their experience in the Orchid project to the seven strong lab team that gave a very popular laboratory workshops session.

Excited visitors to the Laboratory workshop included Professor Kinsley Dixon (biologist and Professor at Curtin University, Associate of the Missouri Botanical Garden and a Visiting Professor at Kings Park and Botanic Garden, and the 2016 Scientist of the Year for Western Australia.)

We are in discussion with Kingsley about taking part in the 2023 World Orchid Congress in Australia.

Our students also forged new connections that may lead to future projects in the Tuirks and Caicos Islands, which are located in the Caribbean.


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  • End of term arrangements

    Monday 22 July: school day ends 1.20pm, buses will run as normal at this time. Lunch will be available at school from 12.30pm until 1.10pm. Final registration takes place at 1.10pm before students leave.

    Monday will be a mufti day. Students are asked to bring in £1 which will go to one of the school’s selected charities.

    START OF SCHOOL – Year 12 starts on Wednesday 4 September / Years 10 and 11 start on Thursday 5 September / Year 13 start on Monday 9 September.