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What is a Studio School?

A Studio School is a new, small state school model for a maximum of 300 students and currently for 14 to 19 year olds of all abilities.  Studio Schools seek to address the growing gap between what young people need to succeed in life and the skills and knowledge that the current education system provides.  Studio Schools pioneer a bold new approach to learning,  involving Enterprise Projects and real work contexts.  This underpins students’ learning in the real world and will help them to develop the skills they need to succeed.

Do Studio Schools teach the National Curriculum?

Yes – all Studio Schools teach the National Curriculum and offer the same key academic qualifications as traditional schools.  Students work towards GCSEs in English, maths and dual award science as a minimum.  What makes Studio Schools unique is not what is delivered but how it is delivered and the explicit development of skills, as well as knowledge and understanding.

Are Studio Schools vocational schools?

No – Studio Schools offer both academic and vocational qualifications.  They have been designed to break through the traditional divide between academic and vocational learning.   Studio Schools take learning out of a traditional classroom setting and deliver both academic and vocational qualifications through Work Based Learning and Extended Project qualifications.

How is the Studio School curriculum personalised?

All students in the Studio School meet regularly with a Personal Coach (tutor) who works with them to identify and to meet personal targets, helping them to tailor the Studio School’s curriculum and qualifications, to their individual needs and aspirations.  Personal Coaches support students through one-to-one meetings, group coaching sessions and practical learning.

Will Studio School students be encouraged to go on to University?

Yes – Studio Schools offer a wide range of key qualifications.  On leaving, students will have gained a range of Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications and will be able to study at Level 3 and beyond, when they progress from our school.  With this wide variety of opportunities available to our students we will realise our vision for the best possible route for each and every one of our students.

Are Studio Schools selective?

No – Studio Schools are fully comprehensive and fulfill all requirements of the Schools Admissions Code but a keen interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and or Maths, including Computing is expected.

How will our Studio School care for students?

The school’s whole child ethos is supported by our tutor group structure, dedicated non-teaching Achievement Team Leader and our commitment to getting to know every student well, seek their talents and help them to grow is at the core of our values and vision for our students.

Can students study subjects other than the Specialisms?

Absolutely.  All students study English, maths and science and have a wide curriculum including arts, humanities, sports and languages as well as at least one Specialist subject, among triple science, technology, engineering, computing, ICT and maths.