What can I study in Years 10 and 11?

Mendip Studio School is all about freeing the talents within every young person – identifying your talents, nurturing them and teaching you how to apply them.We believe in first class care, a personalised curriculum and providing opportunities for our students to design and build their own futures.

To help us to achieve these goals, you will benefit from a range of employer and Higher Education links – employers work with students every week.  Our facilities are industry standard and we offer a broad experience so that you will have the edge over your peers when you take your next steps, regardless of whether you choose to enter into Higher Education, Apprenticeships or Employment.



Subjects include:

Core provision for all

Making the move from Year 9 to GCSE

This is the biggest jump in demand of work, concept and focus between any two phases in education: Level 2 studies are challenging, but that’s why they open up a world of opportunities when they are complete.

Rising to the challenge of GCSE & Level 2 Subjects

To help you to make a successful transition from year 9, Mendip Studio School provides a comprehensive Induction Process.  This includes:

  • A one-to-one interview with the Headteacher
  • Induction lessons in the summer
  • Personal Learning Checklists for all subjects

We passionately believe that all students must consider the following three things in order to select the right programme of study for their personalised curriculum:

  • What you enjoy and have done well in
  • How you learn e.g. practical, essays, making, designing
  • What your future goals are