How can your business help?

How can your business help?

In order for young people to succeed, they need to be ready for the work environment. They need to have the right outlook, understand the challenges of working with others and be able to thrive in a culture of high pressure and high expectations.

In short, they need exposure and experience – and this is where your business can have a real input.

Work placements

Experience of real work is an essential part of what Mendip offers students.  Students are seeking the equivalent of a one day work placement every fortnight. These placements can take a variety of forms and are very flexible. They could include:

  • Support in school for individuals or groups of students
  • Short term placements e.g. one month duration or one day placements which last the whole year
  • Business based Projects where a company submits a brief for students to work to and complete.

Support for the curriculum

We also need your experience and expertise to:

  • Design a project brief for our students to complete
  • Provide feedback when students have completed a project e.g. become a Dragon and sit on a panel!
  • Help to market end products
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Deliver sessions or master classes
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Enable students to visit your premises and see first-hand how your business operates
  • Provide career and professional development (CPD) opportunities for our staff so that they are well-versed in how businesses operate.

Mentoring students

Use your experience and knowledge to inspire a young person and influence their future by providing real input into their learning.

Provide resources

There are a number of opportunities for businesses and organisations to:

  • Provide access to facilities (e.g. office facilities/workshops) for students
  • Provide materials for projects
  • Sponsor equipment or actual classrooms
  • Provide prizes or named awards
  • Sponsor scholarships for students progressing to university.