James Dyson Foundation

Learning at the The Mendip Studio with the James Dyson Foundation…

At Mendip, you will study alongside some of the best designers and engineers in the business, solving real life problems together.  It is never too early to start changing the world and at Mendip we give you the tools to do just that.

Technologies are developing faster and faster and it is your job to help inspire future works. The opportunities are endless and working with Dyson engineers, you are challenged to help develop real projects; whether it is a  in robot vacuum cleaner that can read your mind or a flying drone, able to deliver parcels. From concept to production, you have the opportunity to get involved and free your creativity.

You might get involved in recycling stuff that is just wasted right now.  But we want you to actually design and make new things from what you recycle.  And you’ll really do it – no pretending here!  For example, you might use old plastic products and use real industry standard kit to transform them into things like the materials for your own 3D printers.

Worried about the amount of energy we waste?  Do a project to harness natural renewable sources and really produce low carbon energy yourself.  We’ll provide the best kit around and the best brains we can find to help you become experts.  Make better wind turbines or solar powered products – the future is up to you.  And we will listen – our world class industry partners will be around and they want to see your ideas become reality.  In fact, we’ll have a whole bank of problems, challenges and projects which are puzzling real companies right now and which you can tackle.

You will be able to really get into your projects – you won’t have to pack away half way through.  You will have proper time to develop your ideas – maybe all morning or afternoon if you need to.  You’ll have places to think and chat over ideas with your team-mates.

It will be challenging, exciting, demanding and yes, frustrating at times.  Engineers often come up with some of their best ideas to deal with the things which frustrate them!  We’ll let you try things the “wrong way”,  to see what happens when you do something really new. You will have equipment and resources which you just won’t get in traditional schools – and you’ll end up with a CV like no-one else’s!  Are you fascinated by nature and watching things grow? Are you secretly a little green fingered?  Create an automated greenhouse where you control conditions through electronics.