Leaders of the Future

Year 10 Sports Leaders have had another year of successful events finishing with a scorcher at the Shoscombe Sports Day.

Every year year 10 students are encouraged to participate in a Sports Leader course, allowing them to travel around the County, helping to facilitate sporting events for primary school students.

Year 10 student Molly Pascoe Commented

‘ I think it is really important to go into schools and promote physical activity. We have a great time coaching younger children and running competitions, it gives younger students the opportunity to take part in events they wouldn’t otherwise. We have amazing facilities here and it feels good to be able to share that with other schools.’

This year students have helped facilitate year 7 inter tutor competition, several Primary School festivals and Shoscombe Sports Day, to name a few.

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  • End of term arrangements

    Monday 22 July: school day ends 1.20pm, buses will run as normal at this time. Lunch will be available at school from 12.30pm until 1.10pm. Final registration takes place at 1.10pm before students leave.

    Monday will be a mufti day. Students are asked to bring in £1 which will go to one of the school’s selected charities.

    START OF SCHOOL – Year 12 starts on Wednesday 4 September / Years 10 and 11 start on Thursday 5 September / Year 13 start on Monday 9 September.