Exciting projects will be a key part of The Mendip Studio School and our partnership with the Eden Project means that students will be working alongside scientists in the Rainforest Biome to create a real rainforest canopy.

Students will be visiting Eden to understand the problem and then working with state of the art laboratory facilities to grow some of the world rarest plants and then plant them in the tops of Eden’s trees.

Alongside the challenge of growing rare plants in test tubes, students will be inventing, designing and manufacturing a new generation of electronic rainforest sensors to fix into Eden’s trees that will monitor the canopy using the internet and let all the world share in this ambitious new experiment.


Following the DNA clues to solve the riddle of Britain’s rare plants. The world’s leading experts on plant genetics will partner students at The Mendip Studio School to carry out joint research using the latest DNA technology.

The Genetics Project Space at The Mendip Studio School will contain state of the art equipment allowing science students to devise and carry out original research delving into the secrets hidden in DNA. Students will then publish their work alongside some of the UK’s top scientists.

Where have the rare plants of the Mendips come from? Are they unique? What should be done to save them? No-one yet knows but students at The Mendip Studio School soon will.


Projects to save the planet, catch the bad guys, freeze the good guys and tell the world all about it are ready and waiting at The Mendip Studio School.

Practical projects to work with communities in Africa and Asia to protect bio-diversity and encourage rural development, research to use new technologies to identify wildlife crime and help stop the trade that is driving species to extinction, using the latest advances in cryopreservation to find new ways of conserving rare species from around the world and using creativity and new technologies to engage new audiences in conservation, science and education.

A list of just some of the experiences in store for students at the Mendip studio school thanks to our industry partners. A chance to get involved  in capacity building with partners in Rwanda, India and Laos, nitrogen source testing with Kent University, cryogenic storage with Kew Biotechnology, and interpretation challenges with Cambridge University and Bristol University.