Meet the Team

Mr M BridgesHead of 6th Form
Ms C TaggartDeputy Head of 6th Form
Mr T AttfieldBerners-Lee
Mr S Pugh-JonesHawking
Miss N FearAchievement Team Leader

The Tutor-Coach programme

At Mendip Studio School, our tutor programme runs vertically. What this means practically is that each tutor group comprises all year groups, four from each year. What this means educationally is that the sixth form experience here at Mendip marries the traditional Sixth Form experience with an opportunistic one which gives our sixth form opportunities to work with students in other year groups. As leaders of our tutor groups, the sixth form model, demonstrate and coach our younger students. This provides excellent experience which employers demand, alongside opportunities and experience that universities often expect. For example, experience of working with children in an educational setting if applying for teaching qualifications. Our tutors support all of their tutees through a coaching model which helps our students to work independently as young adults preparing for the world of work, training or university. This coaching model prepares our sixth formers for that next stage in their working or learning life.

Mendip studio school proudly challenges students through its Research and Development programmes and in tutor time through enquiry-based learning. This approach often sets problems and projects which students explore, research and develop on their own with the coaching and support of the tutors and fellow students. These are assessed using the studio school’s CREATE framework which aims to develop key skills desired by educational establishments and employers. Each of the tutor research and development projects are linked to our Personal Social, Health and Economic programmes. This ensures that all students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is fully supported.