02.10.2020- End of Week Letter

Dear All


As September ends and October begins, we have begun to complete assessments so that we celebrate successes and to get a clearer view of how best to support and to challenge each and every student in their studies and on to their personal future careers.


World Mental Health Day


This is Saturday 10th October, so on Friday 9th October, we will be having a yellow-themed dress code day in aid of #HelloYellow to raise funds for a charity called YoungMinds, who help support young people through struggles with mental health.


If students would like to take part, it would be great to see you in anything yellow you may own (yellow-themed dress code – no fancy dress) and to bring in at least £1 towards the cause.


There will also be a fruit and cake sale held in the Main Hub at break and lunch time, so please encourage students to bring in any spare change – sensible donations will be accepted.  We would love to see everyone get involved! Thanks, Miss Baber and Mrs Gates.


Research & Development – Our Super-curriculum has arrived! 


These began yesterday, 3.40pm till 4.40pm.  As our first one of the academic year, the key was to explain the opportunities, talk through what to expect and to make sure that everyone has what they need to make the most of their super-curriculum.  Please see below the activities available to all students:


R&D Activity Staff What’s it all about? Room
Design Engineering LBA Using our fantastic engineering and tech facilities to design and create your own pieces. R4
Plant R&D (Orchid) SPJ Get involved in raising the World’s rarest plant species, working with our national partners at Kew, Bristol University and the Eden project, and working with our international partners in Sarawak and Rwanda. R26
Games Development MRG Planning, Designing and Creating Games. R2
Reptile Club TBA


Come and help look after our two Geckos, Charlie and Alfie and our Tortoise, Cooper. 

We are also in the process of setting up new facilities for snakes and planning on events in the future to raise money and educate others on reptiles. 

Mendip Media Hub BH


Three parts:

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Understanding how to persuade and to argue





Most students have successfully used their new accounts this week, but there have been a couple of issues for a small number of students – Mrs Willcox is liaising with the finance team to resolve these.  Students should speak to her as soon as possible, if issues have arisen.


Lanyards and Photos


Annoyingly, these are not yet distributed to all students – the IT team have been prioritising the distribution within and improvement of the IT infrastructure.  We are hopeful that these will be sorted next week.


Absence Procedures – very important


Just a reminder that Parents and Carers need to call 01761 438557 by 8.30am on the day of absence, in order for us to record the absence correctly.  On the message left, regarding absence, parents/carers need to include the description of the reason for absence, name of the student and the likely return time and date to school.  If the absence is so serious that it extends beyond three days, we will need medical advice to be sought.  Mrs Willcox or Mr Leeder will contact parents/carers during the day, if we need further information.  Work will not be set for students who are unwell.  In the rare event of authorised isolation, due to Covid-19, work will be made available on Google Classroom.


A reminder of Covid-19 symptoms:



  • A new persistent cough
  • A raised temperature
  • A sudden loss of taste and/or smell



Google Classroom – a reminder, in the event of partial/temporary closure


Google Classroom is not just the perfect place to set work, provide written feedback and to communicate with students, it is also linked to Google Meet – this will allow us to perform virtual live lessons, if we need to.  To do this, there are a number of key guidelines that we will assume you agree to, unless you tell us otherwise:


  • If video is used, only the student or parent will be visible in the view
  • If video is used, there needs to be a blank wall behind that is in view
  • Work will need to be completed and returned, as instructed in the Classroom communication – as always, teachers will be available to contact by email
  • Students are not permitted to take screenshots or to record the screen when Google Meet is in use


Our students continue to inspire us, every day.


Wishing you all a great weekend and thank you for your continued patience and support.


All the very best,

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