BETT Show, London, 2015

In 2013/14 Intel and ScienceScope collaborated on a project to develop an Internet of School Things Demonstrator. For the BETT show in 2015 Intel wanted to showcase some of the technologies which were developed as a part of that project. Intel invited students from Writhlington school, supported by ScienceScope, to make prototype devices to build both a robot tug of war device to measure how strongly a student built robot could pull and a soil moisture sensor. The students designed and created two devices meeting the specification defined by Intel at the end of the autumn term. At the BETT show students from Writhlington will be showcasing their technology alongside designs built by engineers from Intel.

This collaboration is part of the ongoing development of the Mendip Studio School (which will specialise in electronics and biosciences) and is a demonstration of the kind of projects students at the new school will be involved in. ScienceScope and Intel are key supporters of the development of this studio school on the Writhlington campus.

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