Exploring the world one city at a time

Students enjoyed a spectacular trip in Half Term, exploring and learning about the incredible landscapes of Naples. Buried for centuries beneath metres of volcanic debris, Naples’ Archeaeological sites are among the best-preserved and most spectacular Roman ruins in existence.

Head of Geography, Rebecca Youde commented:

‘The weather was amazing, it allowed us to make the most of all of the fantastic sites we visited! The Year 10,11,12 and 13 students were all fantastic and really got involved. We had a wonderful and knowledgeable guide called Paul who was fantastic in engaging the students with italian history and local knowledge.’

After traveling through the night, students arrived in Naples ready to explore The Temple of Serapis and Crater Lake before filling up on freshly made pizza on the harbour. Following lunch they explored the lost town of Herculanuem, buried in 20m of ash but the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD.

The next adventure saw students travel by train and ferry to the glorious Island of Capri, where they were welcomed with a boat tour of the island.

Year 11 student, Molly Pascoe commented:

‘Everything was beautiful! We were able to have lunch by the harbourside before hopping on a funicular railway to the hill top town. The town was quaint but packed with designer shops which we didn’t expect to see! We also got a chance to go shopping in Sorrento and visit amazing gelato shops.’

The final day of the trip involved climbing high above the city of Naples to reach the peak of the active volcano Mt.Vesuvius and a trip to the famous town of Pompeii. This site is considered to be one of the few sites where an ancient city has been preserved in detail – everything from jars and tables, to paintings and people were frozen in time, yielding, together with neighbouring Herculaneum which suffered the same fate, an unprecedented opportunity to see how the people lived two thousand years ago.

A tremendous trip all around and the Geography department would like to thank the Staff and Students for their hard work and impeccable behaviour.

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