Fire Crews Rescue Victims

Mendip Sixth Form students were taught a valuable lesson in road safety last week as Avon and Somerset Fire Service reenacted a fatal collision on the school premises.

Two overturned cars and motorbike created the scene as Sixth Form students watched over as the Fire Service set to work on helping the victims (actors) escape from their vehicles.

Head of Sixth Form, Mark Bridges commented:

‘This is an annual event which provides important information to our students, who are all becoming of age to learn to drive. We want to ensure that all our students are safe and well educated on the importance of road safety.’

Fire crews took apart two vehicles removing their windscreens and roofs and performed first aid on the trained actors before dealing with a staged fatality of a young person on a motorbike.

Year 12 student Lydia Simmons said:

‘Even though you know it’s not real, it’s really tough to watch. It certainly made everyone think about the dangers of driving, it’s not just about how safe you drive, it is about being aware of how other people drive too. It also made us appreciate the emergency services and the lengths they go to for our safety and how difficult it must be to attend fatal collisions.’

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