Lockdown Information for parents, carers and students

How do I register attendance to school? (SEND, keyworker, students who struggle with online learning)



How do I register attendance to the January and February BTEC and applied exams?



When, where and how does my child attend revision and actual exams for January and February? (Years 10, 12 and 13 only)



How do I register my consent for mass-testing my child?



How do I contact the school? (child’s welfare, challenges with remote learning, exam queries etc.)


  • Call us on 01761 438557 at any time between 8am and 4pm every weekday
  • email Craig Leeder on cleeder@mendipstudioschool.org.uk for any welfare and safety concerns
  • email Simon Pugh-Jones on spughjones@mendipstudioschool.org.uk for queries regarding mass-testing
  • email Lance Bartlett on lbartlett@mendipstudioschool.org.uk for any Remote Learning technical queries (such as, difficulties with Google Classroom)
  • email Harriet Bartlett on hbartlett@mendipstudioschool.org.uk for any queries re: quality of work set
  • email Nic Willcox nwillcox@mendipstudioschool.org.uk for any attendance and all other queries


How to help my child access remote learning?



How will my child know when and where to log on for Google Meet lessons and tutor times?


  • Tutors have set up Google Classrooms for all their tutees.  Your child simply needs to join by clicking on the link on “stream”, top left of the screen and join the Google Meet at 8.50am and 12.40pm
  • Teachers have set up Google Classrooms for all their lessons, as shown on students’ timetables.  This is currently week 1 and, on Monday 11th January, it will be week 2.
  • Students need to complete the work that is set on Google Classroom, meeting the deadlines set for the assignments.
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