Nose Flute Orchestra in the School Orchid House

Nose Flute Orchestra Live at Orchid Show

We are the first in the UK to have a nose flute orchestra. They will be giving their first public performance at this Saturday’s Christmas Orchid Festival.

Students have recently visited Borneo where they spent time with the nomadic Penan Tribe. This is where Year 10 student Ed developed his interest in the traditional Penan nose flute.

Ed explained, “The nose flutes are really easy to play and just made from bamboo found in the rainforest. I decided to make nose flutes when I got back from Borneo and sell them to raise money for the Penan Village School.”

The idea has really caught on, so this Saturday the usual Christmas Orchid Festival will have the authentic sounds of the rainforest as well as the orchids of the rainforest. The event is open from 10am-4pm on Saturday 14th December.

The Orchid Project will be live on BBC Radio Somerset on Friday 13 December 2019 at approximately 10.40am.

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