Puppy Power!

With exam season upon us the students at Dragonfly Sixth had the perfect opportunity to de-stress with an afternoon visit from some very adorable puppies.

Dogs have long been popular visitors in hospitals and care homes in the US and Canada and some British universities have also recently introduced “Puppy Therapy” to help alleviate the stress experienced by students in the “run up” to their exams. Findings from recent studies have proven that for many people, interacting with a pet is the ultimate antidote to a stressful day and it is believed that dogs in particular have evolved to become acutely attuned to humans and may be even able to understand many of the words we use, as well as having the ability to interpret tone of voice, body language, and gestures.

Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Karis Higgins, said

‘We are excited to be offering “Puppy Therapy” to our sixth form students and are hoping to be able to repeat the session in the period leading up to the exams’.

Year 12 student, Samuel Grant, commented:

‘It was so lovely to see everyone interacting with the puppies. You can’t help but grin ear to ear when playing with a puppy, there is something about their innocence and carefree love for life that is infectious. In those few moments, life is a little less stressful and you forget about the stress of exams and deadlines. I wish we could do it every week!’

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