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Harvey has been working closely with The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew as part of his Level 3 Applied Science studies at Mendip Studio School. He has been trained in advanced propagation techniques and is the first person to successfully raise Trias oblonga from seed.


Mendip Studio School students are supporting the Mayanmar conservation project that supplied the seed by developing germination protocols based on Harvey’s work.


It is hoped that this work will help protect this orchid from the illegal and unsustainable wild collection it is currently subjected to.

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  • End of term arrangements

    Monday 22 July: school day ends 1.20pm, buses will run as normal at this time. Lunch will be available at school from 12.30pm until 1.10pm. Final registration takes place at 1.10pm before students leave.

    Monday will be a mufti day. Students are asked to bring in £1 which will go to one of the school’s selected charities.

    START OF SCHOOL – Year 12 starts on Wednesday 4 September / Years 10 and 11 start on Thursday 5 September / Year 13 start on Monday 9 September.