How could you revise best?

Visual learners

  • Learn best by remembering information in fun and interesting ways (making videos, YouTube animations, likening what you’re learning to animations
  • Very creative/artistic
  • Revise best by using mind maps, making loads of connections and using post-it notes and highlighters!

TIP Organise your notes by using different colours to represent different themes or topics.

Auditory learners

  • Learn best by hearing information over and over again (e.g. podcasts, recordings, Q/A with friends, YouTube)
  • Revise best by talking out loud to themselves or having to explain topics to friends or parents.

TIP If you’re feeling rather creative you could make up songs, rhymes or raps to remember certain topics or themes!

Kinaesthetic learners

  • Learn best by taking a ‘hands on’ approach to revision.
  • Very interactive/outgoing.
  • Revise best by re-writing explanations and model-answers (again and again) and making visual aids throughout revision.

TIP Kinaesthetic learners often find that playing sport and exercise during revision stimulates their learning!